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It’s a hard knock life for the modern 20th century Romeo and Juliet duo, residing in the shady sewers of the Motor City. Husband Darnell “Smoke” Mitchell is a police captain/dirty cop who has transformed the evidence room at his 11th precinct into a get rich quick scheme. Darnell and his American Next Top Model wife Passive take the drug world by desert storm. The itching greed of drug money makes them succumb to their inner weaknesses.

Passive and Smoke were happily married with no kids and no problems until their marriage started getting hotter than a volcanic eruption. But you know what they say- money is like a sixth sense and you can’t make use of the other five without it.

Question is can they endure? Can they endure a relentless, ex-girlfriend from hell and her mob of thirsty, infamous soldiers who would do anything for some revenue? Can they endure hard-time in the pen and losing each other if they are to get caught and charged with countless crimes that were committed knowingly and unknowingly? Can their marriage endure infidelity and disloyalty of the worst kinds imaginable? Can they endure being shady and experiencing shadiness? Can they endure another shady mission is the ultimate question?

Another Shady Mission by Cheraee C. – $12.99

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