Patricia Book
Health Care the Killing Fields of America is about Pre-mature-Death in America, prescription drugs and the 600 billion industry prescribing them, and what you can do holistically to prevent yourself from being a statistic. The top five killers in our nation along with our food, drinking water and a multitude of other toxins contribute to our love ones dying early at the hands of those we trust. America is the testing ground for legalized drug dealers, pill pushers, and practitioners of medicine. Death often comes soon and without warning under the care of these white-coated villains. The name Grim Reaper, the Angel of death are synonymous with these Zombie super villain sidekicks. America is the playground for the REAPER.

This very important Book was written just for you with the hope of giving you the ability to achieve your life long goal of optimal health. And to help you reclaim the health you were born with, the health you deserve and were promised from birth. Become inspired & motivated with the knowledge & wisdom from the words contained within this book, enough so that you will not be a statistic.

Contained within this book are steps to help you reclaim your health, and create a life style change, & individualized health program: No matter what stage your health is in today or what decisions you’ve made in the past, there is always room for a new beginning and change. Today can be a new day filled with new opportunities, & wholeness in life. Your body is about to make a radical change and redefine you. Uncover the proven success that will lead to a life of total fulfillment.


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