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Behind the Scenes is a look at life through the eyes of Pam Marshall. It tells of a beautiful little girl born into a life of unstoppable danger. Her companion Jean is with her through it all. Pam is charming and articulate. Jean is a fierce force determined to win at all costs. Jean is strong when Pam is weak.

They travel the Detroit city streets together. They encounter pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers, crackheads, and others who live an underground lifestyle. Together they manage to navigate a life filled with unstoppable danger, violence and pain but there is a price to be paid. One of the girl’s innocence is replaced with a black heart that is filled with malice and without remorse. One of the girls has a plan filled with destruction, filth, and fear.

ONE CHILD, TWO FACES, TWO HEARTS and ONE SOUL. Will they both be able to survive? LET’S SEE WHO LIVES. ~Pamela Marshall

BEHIND THE SCENES by Pamela Marshall $15.99

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This book is a about a crime that took place in Detroit, LA and Chicago. Based on a true story, this book will have you at the edge of your seat. Restoring order can be very difficult when you’re coming from prison but one man has an answer. With an amazing plot this book will have you in total suspense.

This book is also about you and me. About how the power of money is dominating our society, love and friendship. The young generation today is so confused that they are losing their sense of reality. A reality that holds ever person responsible for their actions.
Please read my book and pass the word to your friends and family. One day when we restore our basic instinct, we may feel free again. ~Mack Wolodkowicz


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