Brown Paper Suga (Digital Book)

Brown Paper Suga (Digital Book)

Author: Cheraee C.


Relationships are ever-changing and are always laced with complications. If you’ve ever been emotionally swindled, mishandled, neglected, disrespected, or enraged by an old flame, tainted romance, lost love, any kind of love you understand. Sometimes it’s easier to communicate these trivial feelings, lessons, and experiences through pen and paper. Award-winning author Cheraee C. and some of the hottest and upcoming authors around the country embark on a risqué and intimate journey of poetry and short stories. Each author has a bittersweet story to tell and thoroughly uses their pen to walk you into their world.

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Author: Cheraee C.
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Format: Digital Book
Catagory: Fiction / Urban Life
Released: March 29, 2017
ISBN: 978-1940831398
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