Author: Cheraee C.


When the mirrors of sobriety are illuminated off of Chisel Simmons?s alcoholic lifestyle, Chisel resembles a chipped piece of broken glass. His callous words, his heinous actions and counteractions are sharper then a razor and they cut skin-deep. He treats liquor like a lifeline, and women like secondary colors. Liquid is his first love and there’s nothing that life or a bitch can do about it or so he thought.

With his women allies on the rise, the preliminary stages of Chisel’s dysfunctional life begin with a simple fire. A simple fire that might go unsolved because the police force in his town was full of inadequate problem-solvers.

New found epiphanies leave Chisel in a helpless state where old relationships end permanently and he cannot rely on his alcoholic supply to nurse himself back to wholesomeness. Either the heavens were going to grant him a second chance or hell was going to be a flame away. Whatever the ending result was, Chisel was the root of all of his downfalls and now it was time he faced his classical music.

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Author: Cheraee C.
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Released: March 19, 2014
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