The Adventures of Angelene Gift (Digital Book)

The Adventures of Angelene Gift (Digital Book)


This story is about two Courageous little girls who share the same dreams of having a friend. Angelene Gift is a little girl who loves everything; she’s truly a sun child with a radiance of pure love. Develene Daragoes on the other hand has no sun in her life. She lives in the spookiest house on the road. Although she wants friend’s children wont befriend her because they’re afraid of her darkness. But not Angeline, even at the scariest time of year…Halloween. Angeline wants to share her sunlight with Develene. So adventure with these two girls as they touch, become one and share a different world in the sun.

Develene and Angelene are having fun for Halloween. ~Pamela Marshall

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Format: Digital Book
Catagory: Fiction/General
Released: August 18, 2017
ISBN: 978-1940831428
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