Deviancy: I Love The Thrill

Deviancy: I Love The Thrill

Author: Cheraee C.


Whoever said money is the root of all evil is incorrect, because the innermost root of all evil is sex. Once a woman’s cherry is popped, her vagina opens up a world that a woman’s mind isn’t ready to conceive or perceive against. Infiniti Brooks was a 21-year-old heavy-hitter with commerce soaring in the sex and erotic industry. She was a single woman who was overly infatuated with the perks of the single life. All Infiniti ever thought about was sex, pleasure, more sex, and her businesses. Each man tangled up in Infiniti’s mesh had a sexual sob story behind them.

Either their current partner was creeping, cheating, or having technical glitches in the bedroom. Females either wanted to be a prototype of Infiniti or they couldn’t stomach her and wanted to cast her out into the solar system. Regardless of the venom that existed and persisted, Infiniti was the prima donna of deviancy. Unless the female gender wanted to continue succumbing to broken relationships, they better start adapting more deviant traits to their lifestyles, profits, and profiles. Only question is how long can a person truly evoke deviancy without consequence?

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Author: Cheraee C.
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Format: Paperback
Catagory: Fiction / Urban Life
Released: December 29, 2016
ISBN: 978-1940831329
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