Satan’s U-Turns: How I Got Lost While God Was Driving

Satan’s U-Turns: How I Got Lost While God Was Driving

Author: Flex Stevens


This book will challenge your thinking and views of not only who God is, but who you are as well. There are many ideas and religious books flooding the world telling you who you are and how to reach your purpose in life. I have found out that the only way you can be sure that you are on the right path… you must first be honest with yourself and see yourself for who you are. Then, you must see God for who He is. We rob ourselves of purpose because we live with a conditioned mind-set that we have failed so bad that God would never want to have anything to do with us. But the truth is… God Is In Love With Us. Yes He loves us so much that He wants to not only rid us of the cloud of guilt and condemnation; He also wants to take us to the place of true prosperity and an unbreakable relationship with Him! I was a former drug dealer, street gang leader and contract killer. The same God who showed His mercy and love for me will do the same for you. This book will show you how.

Please write Pastor Tim Lambert of Second Baptist Church, 2507 Three Rivers Road Gladwin, MI 48624 and let him know if you have received Jesus Christ as your Saviour after reading this book. You can also ask for free study helps as you read God’s words, or feel free to ask any questions. It is our prayer that this book encourages you to grow in your knowledge of Jesus Christ.
~Flex Stevens

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Released: December 25, 2013
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