Do Unto Other

Do Unto Other


Stone and Allen are young men, yet they've come up through the gate owning several businesses. Things come crashing down around them when Allen’s brother Spook gets out of Jackson State prison and brings death to their inner circle.

A greedy and sinister drug King pin, Herbert T. Stone comes to town. Nate and Vengeance on his mind, believing Spook to be responsible for the death of his sister. As the knot gets tighter Stone and Allen find out that Herbert T. had plans for them even before Spook was released from prison. Stone’s soon to be wife tomorrow is kidnapped. Spooked is desperately being looked for by his brother and people who want him dead as he goes on his stick-up spree, with two females. Who will ride or die for him. Drug induced thoughts and sexual bliss is all the two women want out of life.

After Stone’s loved ones start coming up missing a man of Spook’s caliber is seriously needed to deal with the deadly threat. They all soon learn that you can’t separate the ones you love from the choices you make. ~Nolan “Dino” Hall

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Format: Paperback
Catagory: True Crime / Murder / General
Released: November 25, 2013
ISBN: 978-1940831039
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