On Another Shady Mission

On Another Shady Mission

Author: Cheraee C.


Shady is as shady does, and the shadiest of them all is still the monomaniacal ether of the West- steaming and beaming from Lindsay Chambers. Lindsay swept through the Mitchell family like a tornado funnel cloud and left everybody and everything discomposed except for her adorn Smoke.

Entrapping Smoke was a war declaration to the anti-violent Passive Mitchell who now had to mournfully replace herself with her street façade Diamond. Her drug transporting and trafficking days were now substituted by her inner gangster, and her re-born mobbing mannerism.

If Lindsay preconceived Passive as some prissy weakling, she better be wary of the real Diamond. The real Diamond was not just going to mope around and wallow in a manic depression because she was more than a woman.

Until Smoke was rightfully returned or found, all of Smoke’s and Passive’s nemeses including Lindsay and her kin were going to undergo the mayhem of a police wife. Whose love was going to end up on top? Would it be the love of a loyal and devoted wife or the love of a demented ex-girlfriend? Can Passive persevere on another shady mission alone or will her loneliness eat her alive and spit her out before more shady missions arise?

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Author: Cheraee C.
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Format: Paperback
Catagory: Fiction / Urban Life
Released: October 17, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-940831-06-0
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