The Son of Scarface – Part 2

The Son of Scarface – Part 2


Kingpin Shawn Bomoski recommences with his street disciple Alvin Stone still trying to conceal identities that must remain undisclosed and any hard evidence associated with his criminalities. The police are devoted to shutting down Shawn and his entire operation no matter what his counteractions may be, how many detectives, or years it takes to wipe them off the map. It seems every time Shawn overcomes one obstacle, another obstacle cripples him in his tracks. The more street commission that Shawn and Alvin gain causes them to lose sight of the #1 street principle; no matter what trust no one. A lot of lives are cut short, but that’s just the way the game goes. With a powerful bloodline, it’s only genetic for Antonio Montero’s son to be just as powerful and lethal as his father and his stepfather. Now that Antonio is all grown up, and making key moves in the drug world like father like son, his dark past begins to unfold right before his very dangerous eyes. As the son of Scarface, Antonio has a lot to avenge. Question is will he be vengeful with an adrenaline rush of anger or will he play it smart and become public enemy number one?

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Format: Paperback
Catagory: Fiction
Released: October 1, 2016
ISBN: 978-1940831299
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